• Implement sanctions against the Nigerian Government and officials

    The Government should explore using the new sanctions regime that allows individuals and entities that violate human rights around the world to be targeted, to impose sanctions on members of the Nigerian government and police force involved in any human rights abuses by the Nigerian police.
  • Ensure Student Nurses are paid whilst on placement

    Provide pay whilst student nurses are working on placement to earn a living for their family and increase mental well-being as working with covid19 for free is detrimental to the future nursing workforce
  • Race offenders petition

    Similar to schemes such as the Sex Offenders Register, Clares Law, Sarahs Law and the Medical Register - the Race Offenders Register will be used to assist employers to stamp out racism and abusive behaviour within their organisations.

    What are we asking for?

    We are calling for an amendment to the following three UK legal Acts; 

     - Crime and Disorder Act 1998 

     - Criminal Justice Act 2003 

     - Public Order Act 1986, part 3 

    Our desired outcome is, all convicted for hate crimes under the legal Acts mentioned above, the individual in question is submitted to a race offender’s register which would operate similar to the current child sex offender disclosure scheme, which many know as the sex offenders register. In addition, we would also like the amendment to include submissions to the register for internal investigations/tribunals that lead to proven race related misconduct similar to the medical register.

  • Slavery reparations petition

    We are calling on the Government to compensate all African & Caribbean descendants so that we can move to a more equal society.