The Black Objective Podcast

  • New Episode!! - Episode 9 Youth crime and MBE's

    The Black Objective discusses how to address youth crime and the road to MBE's with social entrepreneur Raheem Mu Khepera MBE
  • Episode 8 - The Mandems Perspective

    The Black Objective gathers the mandem, Dre discusses the nuances of growing up in London as a black man with Junior, Elliot, Raymond, Matthew.
  • Episode 7 - A White Perspective

    The Black Objective is joined by Jordi C, providing an alternate perspective of the current state of societal affairs as a white man. 
  • Episode 6 - Black Economics (MORE money LESS problems)

    The Black Objective discuss black economic development with financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo 
  • Episode 5 - Health and diet (Food is not your bae)

    The Black Objective discuss the relationship between food and history with Jo Dash providing guidance on how to improve your health through eating.
  • Episode 4 - 2021 and beyond

    The black objective discusses into the future featuring Elliot Clinch
  • Episode 3 - Black love & family

    The Black Objective discuss love and family with the founder of melanin matchmaker Dayo Israel
  • Episode 2 -Black Mental Health

    The Black Objective discuss black mental health with psychotherapist Sarah-Jane.
  • Episode 1 - What now? What next?

    Episode 1 - Following weeks of protests for black equality the Black Objective ask, what now? what next?